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Heather Hutchison, President

Nicole Clemens-Syracuse, Vice-President

Tracy Murphy, Treasurer

Hen Woehr, Secretary

Upcoming Events

Carnival: October 4 (6-9 PM)

Box Top Wars: October 7-18

Halloween Dance: October 25 (6:30 -9 PM)

Scrip War: November 4-13

Child sitting: December 13 (3-8 PM)


Scrip: Tracy Murphy

T-Shirts: Jerri Wildhaber

Box Tops for Education: Jessica Davis

Best Choice Labels: Jessica Davis

Ink/Toner Cartridge Recycling: Holly Neuner (EL Office)

Carnival: Heather Hutchison

Field Day: Heather Hutchison


Meetings will take place at 6:30 pm in the HS Library.

September 5

November 7

February 6

April 2