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Posted Date: 04/14/2022


Ad spaces for the yearbook are now available for purchase. Ads are sold on a “first come first served” basis.

To place an order, go to Search Fatima High School. Click “create a Senior Ad” at the bottom. Click “Get Started.” Enter your senor’s information and continue to the next page. Choose the size of your desired ad and continue to the next page. Enter a title in the Headline field if you would like one - if not, please enter “No Headline.” (example: Congratulations!, Good Luck!, We are Proud of You!, etc.). Select the “Enter Special Instructions” checkbox, and then enter the color that you would like the name bar to appear. Upload pictures that you would like to appear on the ad, or choose to skip this step and deliver hard copy photos to Mrs. Schollmeyer (however this will result in lower resolution photos, so if an electronic copy is available, that would be a better choice). Uploaded photos must be high resolution. 


Please contact a member of the yearbook committee with questions regarding purchasing an ad.   

Your support is greatly appreciated!