Fatima and Nichols will NOT be in session Monday. Fatima is NOT in session Fri, Feb 16 (Nichols students will attend Nichols classes). Fatima and Nichols will not be in session Mon, Feb 19 - this is a snow make-up day for Fatima so there is a chance Fatima could be in session. Please see Fatima's schedule of snow make-up days listed below. Nichols calendar can be viewed at www.jcschools.us

Special Services
Faculty and Staff

Name Title Extension E-Mail
Paula Logan Special Services Director 168 loganp@fatimacomets.org
Leanne Schaben Special Services Secretary 175 schabenl@fatimacomets.org
Mitzi Wynne

Speech Therapist

261 wynnem@fatimacomets.org
Ashlee Ryan Speech Therapist 242 ryana@fatimacomets.org
Julianna Rhea ECSE Teacher 236 rheaj@fatimacomets.org
Jordan Schaffer Special Services Teacher 243 schafferj@fatimacomets.org
Stephanie Hoffman Special Services Teacher 217 hoffmans@fatimacomets.org
Jeff Adamson Special Services Teacher 201 adamsonj@fatimacomets.org
Sarah Laney Special Services Teacher 225 laneys@fatimacomets.org
Melissa Becker Special Services Teacher 203 beckerm@fatimacomets.org
Rachel Veit Special Services Teacher 256 veitr@fatimacomets.org
Janice Huhn Special Services Aide   huhnj@fatimacomets.org
Shirley Veit Special Services Aide   veits@fatimacomets.org
John Kurtzeborn Special Services Aide   kurtzebornj@fatimacomets.org
Diane Veit Special Services Aide   veitd@fatimacomets.org
Molly Haslag Special Services Aide   haslagm@fatimacomets.org
Aubrey Senevey Special Services Aide   seneveya@fatimacomets.org
Veronica Nilges Special Services Aide   nilgesv@fatimacomets.org
Mary Kramer Special Services Aide   kramerm@fatimacomets.org
Megan Deornellis Special Services Aide   deornellism@fatimacomets.org