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Chess[1]Fatima Chess Club


Club Sponsor: Mrs. Breese






There are no membership dues required to join Chess Club.

If tournaments require a registration fee, members are expected to pay that fee.



 Students meet on Thursdays after school in the library from 3:30-4:30.   During Practice you will play against other chess team members to develop your skills and to socialize with others who enjoy the game of chess.

 Who Can Join?

Students from grades 7-12 can play chess. You need no prior knowledge of chess in order to join.


 Benefits of Playing Chess


· Raise your IQ

· Exercise both sides of brain

· Increases creativity

· Improves memory

· Increases problem solving skills

· Improves concentration


The chess club will travel to at least 2 tournaments each year.  These tournaments are usually held in the spring.   In order to compete in the tournaments you must have come to a minimum # of practices.  This minimum # of practices required is set by Mrs. Breese.

The MO State Chess Tournament is held in Columbia each spring.  Any member who has attend a minimum # of practices will be eligible to compete.


Grade Requirements

You must have earned, the preceding semester of attendance, a minimum of 3.0 units of credit or have earned credit in 80% of the maximum allowable classes in which any student can be enrolled in the semester, whichever is GREATER, at your school.

Students promoted for the first time into 9th grade are considered academically eligible for the first semester after promotion.

Do not drop courses without first consulting with your school principal, athletic director or counselor to determine whether doing so will affect your eligibility.