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Fatima High School Book Club


You are invited to join Mrs. Breese and Mrs. Rolwes in a year-long reading adventure.  This is an opportunity for students to explore the magic of reading for enjoyment.  The following procedure will be followed:

Please contact Mrs. Breese or Mrs. Rolwes if you have any questions.  Please join us for an hour of learning, sharing, and fun!


Requirements for Book Club Cards


The following must be written on a 4x6 index card or a piece of loose leaf paper and completed before coming to the discussion.  The cards can be obtained for free from Mrs. Rolwes or Mrs. Breese at any time.

  1. Name
  2. English teacher’s name
  3. Five (5) thought-and discussion- provoking questions on the front of the card.  Yes/no questions or one word response questions as well as fact recall questions will not earn bonus points!  Many times the paperback editions of the books have discussion questions or interviews with the author in the back of the book.  Please do not use these questions – come up with your own original questions.  While coincidence is understandable, you must not have the same questions as another member.
  4. Your questions must reference specific information from the novel to demonstrate you have read the book.  Each question is worth ONE bonus point for a total of five.
  5. During each meeting, a detailed summary of the discussion will be written on the back of the card or on the sheet of paper.  This detailed summary is worth a total of five bonus points.
  6. Each student must appropriately participate in the discussion.  Students must not only ask one of their own questions, but they must also respond to the questions of other members.  A good discussion allows for the participation of all members, with no one person (or club sponsor) doing a majority of the talking.  A total of ten bonus points will be awarded by the club sponsors for participation
  7. The card will be returned to Mrs. Rolwes and Mrs. Breese within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the meeting for the awarding of points.