Fatima will NOT be in session Monday, April 22. The last day of school will now be Tuesday, May 21 with an 11:20 Dismissal.

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AP Exams: if any student wants to take an AP exam this year, Mueller must know NOW so she can order the test.

Freshman: you recieved your rough draft of your five year plan and your scheduling papers. Take them home, talk to your parents, and make your plan for next year. Make sure you have these papers signed by parents and ready to turn in on Tuesday when we go to the library to put your requests in the computer. Also, make sure you know how to get onto YOUR lumen account, not your parents' lumen account. If you need help with this, see Mueller.

Juniors: your schedules are on your locker! Let Mueller know if you want any changes! 

NHS: If you were selected to be a member of NHS, remeber your paperwork needs to be in by Friday. The induction ceremony is scheduled for April 14. All NHS Members from this year and all inductees need to be there.

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If you are participating in collegiate sports, do not forget to register at either: