Scholarships and other important information are listed below by due dates. You can pick up scholarship forms from Mrs. Mueller or go on line. This list is updated frequently. Revised November 16, 2017.

Seniors thinking of going to Lincoln: Lincoln University and the Lincoln University Foundation has partnered to streamline their scholarship processes.  The new process is 100% electronic.  This new tool will increase efficiency, provide a more in depth overview of scholarships, and applicants will have an opportunity to view and apply for approximately 90 scholarships.

The online scholarship application is now available.  Through this tool, students will need to create an account, enter specified criteria,  and the system will develop an individualized list of scholarships that are best suited to their academic and extracurricular interests, as well as financial need. Go online today to create your account and apply for scholarships: P.S. Applicants must have their LU ID number to apply!

Juniors and Seniors: I strongly recommend that you meet with college representatives when they are here at Fatima. You can learn a lot about a college and maybe even find one to explore that you had never thought of before! Juniors – this is your year to explore! Seniors – this is your year to decide!

Lincoln is offering online college courses for $75 an hour, so you can take college classes without taking the class at Fatima! Choose from sociology, English, World Civ, US History, statistics, college algebra, pre-calc or calc. See Mueller if you are interested.

Students can now take Speech for 3 hours of credit from State Technical College. To be eligible, a student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or special permission from the college. In addition, a student must have a math ACT score above 15 and a reading ACT score above 17. Students can also take the accuplacer and earn scores that are comparable to the ACT requirement for admission. This test is much less expensive than the ACT and is available at State Tech. If your child wants to take the speech class for dual credit next semester, make sure they meet these ACT requirements or take the ACCUPLACER at State Tech and meet that score’s requirements before the next semester.

Seniors: Keep track of every scholarship you apply for and the amount they are worth. You will need this for the Schwartz Scholarship!



Due November 27:Majoring In Conservation of Natural Resources Related Field: The Show-Me Chapter of Soil and Water Conservation Society offers a $2000 scholarship. This is an essay contest, and information can be found at  Must be postmarked by November 27th (Monday after Thanksgiving).

Due November 27: Seniors who exhibit scholarship, leadership, and financial need: apply for the Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship before Nov 27. We do have a local Elks lodge, and they commonly give local scholarships too! Prizes range from $12,500 per year renewable to lesser local amounts. Go to for more information. Deadline is Nov 27.


Due November 30: Students in grades 7-12: Write a 350 words or less essay (that is not many at all. This notice has 81 words!) about “What Patriotism Means to Me” and possibly win some good money! We have had many winners throughout the years. Grand prize is $5000, with 18 national awards and numerous regional and local awards. Pick up an application for the Fleet Reserve Association Americanism Essay Contest from Mueller and return your essay to her by November 30.




Due Jaunary 1: Ag Majors: Apply for the Trixie Chicks Trick Riders scholarship by Jan 1. This is a local – a Fatima student will get one! Go to, go to More and then to Scholarship and fill out the form!

Due January 4: Students in grades 9-12: Consider entering the Profile in Courage Essay Contest by writing an essay that demonstrates an understanding of political courage. Essay must be between 700 and 1000 words. First place winner gets $10,000! Must be postmarked by Jan 4. Go to for more information.

Due January 5: Seniors: apply for the Unites States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship for a $1000 grant. Pick up the application from Mueller or go to and look under scholarship. Must be POSTMARKED by Jan 5.

Due January 5: Seniors: Vantage Credit Union will again offer ten $1000 scholarships to credit union members. If you aren’t a member, you can become one easily. This one DOESN”T consider financial need, class rank, act or anything else. Become a member, save a little money, and then apply. Mueller has a brochure to explain the process, or you can go to to explore this QFE Scholarship. Application deadline is January 5.

Due January 5: Going to college or tech school: Apply for the United States Senate Foundation scholarship for $1000. Must apply before Jan 5.

Due Jauanary 15: Students grades 9-12: Consider entering the Robert J. Stuckey Essay Contest and win up to $1500! Essay must be between 1200 and 1500 words and discuss one or more aspects of books and reading. Past winning essays can be found at Must have entries to Mueller by Jan 15. See Mueller or go to website for more information.

Due January 31: Majoring in Natural Resources: Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship offers 5 - $1000 scholarships  with preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need.  Applications must be submitted by January 31.  Information can be found at  

Due January 31: Students age 16-26 who have a disability: If you are involved in volunteer work that improves the quality of life for others with disabilities, apply for the Youth Leadership Award from the Governor’s Council on Disability. Must submit by Jan 31. Go to  and click on Youth Leadership Award for more information.



Due March 1: Seniors: Apply for the Missouri Gaming Association project 21 2018 Scholarship. You can create an article, a poster or a video. Article must be posted between Dec 1 and Feb 15 and video must be shown or a poster must be displayed between those dates. Download an application at www.missouri Must be submitted by March 1. Two $1500 first prizes and four $1000 second prizes will be awarded.

Due March 2: Seniors: Apply for the Missouri Community Service Commission (MCSC)-Monsanto High School Scholarship.  The Monsanto Company sponsors eight student-volunteers to receive a college scholarship award of $1,000.   Go to for applications and information.  The deadline to submit nominations is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 2, 2018.


Due March 30: Seniors whose parents get their electric through Three Rivers and who plan to attend a public, private, or junior college:  Apply for the Gilbert G. Hilkemeyer Scholarship for $2000.Mueller has the form, or you can access it at Deadline is March 30.



Junior Boys: Boys State this year will be held from June 16-23 at UCM in Warrensburg. This free leadership program includes opportunities for scholarships and college credit. For more information or to register, go to

Junior Girls: Girls State will be held from June 24-30 at UCM in Warrensburg. This free leadership program includes opportunities for scholarships and college credit. For more information or to register, go to Applications are not available until November.



Students in grades 7-9 who scored at the 95th percentile or higher on last year’s MAP tests: Consider attending the Joseph Baldwin Academy next summer at Truman State University. You will study college-level classes in natural science, social science, fine arts, humanities, or math/computer science. For more information, go to the website at

The following websites are filled with information regarding college search and selection, financial aid, and employment. - this website has an interest inventory and a skills inventory to help the students find the career that best suites their personality.  There are also college searches for the entire United States with links to the actual college website.  Quick college comparisons of size, tuition, programs of study, etc. can be completed.  Also, students can keep a log of all the volunteer hours, community service, clubs and organizations, and jobs that they have completed, and then the information will be compiled automatically into an updated resume if needed!  Make sure you check out this sight. - one of the best scholarship search sights.  Students can set up a private mailbox, and as the website is updated, new scholarships that the students qualify for will be emailed to them.  This is an extensive database; it requires about one hour to answer all the questions and set up an initial mailbox and search.  There is also college information on this site. - a scholarship search, financial aid information, and a financial aid calculator can all be found here.  There are also links to searches on careers and colleges.  Students can also register for the SAT here. everything you ever wanted to know about the ACT.  Go here to register for the ACT electronically. - a free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid and warnings about scholarships scams.  There is a link to other databases that students can search for free. - UMKC’s financial aid information, but students do not have to go to UMKC to use the information.  A free scholarship search and access to an electronic FAFSA are available here. - operated by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education with links to many more websites.  great site! - a site that searches for colleges and scholarships.  There is also information about student loans and access to ACT and SAT practice. - tons of information about the college process including ten steps for parents, recommended books and websites, etc. - federal site that deals with the FAFSA and has the electronic applications.  Also has website links to two and four year colleges and universities with links to the individual college web pages. - explains the application process students need to complete if they desire to be eligible for certain athletic programs at the college level. - free test prep for ACT, Sat, and GRE and vocabulary builder. - an Internet version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook by the US Dept of Labor.  Lists all the major jobs in the US, duties, salary, outlook, education needed, etc. - good for all ages planning to attend college.  Financial aid information, application information, preparing for college, etc. - a nationwide database to search for college options for those occupations that require going to career school. - online applications for colleges, college search functions, and scholarship database - college Opportunities On-Line (COOL) with directory of colleges and university with costs - complete the free FAFSA online information about funding your educations - college, career and financial aid information - education and career information - The Nationals Assoc for Student Financial Aid Administrators website for parents & students preparing for college - college prep information for students - info on college prep and applying for financial aid.