Parents/Guardians - Please remember to report your students absence to the Attendance Secretary in the respective office (Elem/HS), even if you have reported the absence to the students teachers. / Quarter 4 ENDS today. Grade reports will be distributed on Wed, March 14. / SENIOR CITIZENS DAY is Wed, March 21.


Scholarships and other important information are listed below by due dates. You can pick up scholarship forms from Mrs. Mueller or go on line. This list is updated frequently. Revised February 28, 2018.

Seniors thinking of going to Lincoln: Lincoln University and the Lincoln University Foundation has partnered to streamline their scholarship processes.  The new process is 100% electronic.  This new tool will increase efficiency, provide a more in depth overview of scholarships, and applicants will have an opportunity to view and apply for approximately 90 scholarships.

The online scholarship application is now available.  Through this tool, students will need to create an account, enter specified criteria,  and the system will develop an individualized list of scholarships that are best suited to their academic and extracurricular interests, as well as financial need. Go online today to create your account and apply for scholarships: P.S. Applicants must have their LU ID number to apply!

Juniors and Seniors: I strongly recommend that you meet with college representatives when they are here at Fatima. You can learn a lot about a college and maybe even find one to explore that you had never thought of before! Juniors – this is your year to explore! Seniors – this is your year to decide!

Students can now take Speech for 3 hours of credit from State Technical College. To be eligible, a student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or special permission from the college. In addition, a student must have a math ACT score above 15 and a reading ACT score above 17. Students can also take the accuplacer and earn scores that are comparable to the ACT requirement for admission. This test is much less expensive than the ACT and is available at State Tech. If your child wants to take the speech class for dual credit next semester, make sure they meet these ACT requirements or take the ACCUPLACER at State Tech and meet that score’s requirements before the next semester.

Seniors: Keep track of every scholarship you apply for and the amount they are worth. You will need this for the Schwartz Scholarship!


Due March 2: Seniors: Apply for the Missouri Community Service Commission (MCSC)-Monsanto High School Scholarship.  The Monsanto Company sponsors eight student-volunteers to receive a college scholarship award of $1,000.   Go to for applications and information.  The deadline to submit nominations is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Due March 9: Students majoring in a field related to banking: Apply for the Missouri Bankers Foundation scholarship for $1000. Seven will be given, one for our area. Get the application from Mueller or go to Deadline is POSTMARKED by March 9.

Due March 15: All Seniors: Pick up an MFA Scholarship form. This is a local! You must return the form to Mueller by March 15 to be eligible for this $2000 award.

Due March 15: All Seniors: Pick up the Megan Boehm Memorial Scholarship form from Mueller and return it by March 15. This also is a local – students from Fatima will win! Amounts vary.

Due March 15: All seniors: Apply for the Shelter Insurance Scholarship. Two $1000 awards will be given, and one might not be merit based! So everyone going to a tech school or college should apply! Mueller has the form – return it to her by March 15.

Due March 23: If you or your parents are members of Missouri Credit Union, they will be awarding $2,500.00 to 16 students. Available to students attending four-year colleges and 2-year programs- including technical schools. Deadline is March 23. Go to

Due March 24: 2018 Missouri Credit Union Scholarships. If you or your parents are a member of the Missouri Credit Union, apply for their scholarship for $2,500. Can be used for a four-year college, university, or technical college of their choice. Selection based on financial need, scholastic achievement and extracurricular activities. Apps must be at the credit union by March 24. Mueller has forms, or go to

Due March 28: Seniors majoring in Education: pick up the Blue Jean Scholarship and the Stieferman Scholarship forms. Two more locals! Blue jean and Stieferman is due March 28.

Due March 30: Seniors going to tech school and majoring in a construction related field: Pick up the Higgins Quarry Scholarship form for $500. This is also a local and someone from Fatima will win! Return to Mueller by March 30.

Due March 30: Seniors whose parents get their electric through Three Rivers and who plan to attend a public, private, or junior college:  Apply for the Gilbert G. Hilkemeyer Scholarship for $2000.Mueller has the form, or you can access it at Deadline is March 30.

Due March 31: Sophomores and Juniors interested in a field in computer technology: Consider applying for the Computer Professions On Demand program at State tech, hosted by the JC Area Chamber of Commerce and State Tech in Linn. It will be held June 24-28. See Mueller for the application. Deadline is March 31.

Due March 31: Seniors going to a 4-year school majoring in something related to business: Apply for the Mid-Mo Chapter Association of Government Accountants scholarship for $400. Mueller has the form. Must be submitted to them by March 31

Due March 31: Apply for the Missouri Courage Scholarship: This $1,000 to $3,000 scholarship is dedicated to a Missouri student who has either demonstrated their commitment or shows great potential to work for change in their community that advances the lives of LGBTQ people and other social justice causes. Deadline to register is March 31. Go to

Due March 31: Also for construction related field: Apply for the Septagon Construction scholarship for $500. Must be postmarked by March 31. Mueller has the form.

Due March 31:  Ag Majors: Apply for the Murray Wise Associates Foundation scholarships for various renewable monies! Just fill out the application at by March 31.




Due April 1: Freshmen and Sophomores: Consider attending the Leadership In Practice seminar June 24-27 at Westminster. Use simulations activities and small group events to learn about global, civil, economic, ethical, and personal leadership. Cost is $250. Find out more and register BEFORE April 1 at

Due April 1: Seniors who have played a sport for 3 years and lettered for 2: pick up the Angela Berhorst Memorial Scholarship form for a chance at a $300 scholarship. This is a local! Two students from Fatima will win. Mueller has the forms. Return them to her by April 1.

Due April 1: Seniors going to a tech school or 2-year school full time who will major in graphic arts or related field, history, culinary arts, or a medical field: Pick up the Michael A. Kremer Memorial Scholarship form for $500. This also is a local and someone from Fatima will win. Forms due back to Mueller by April 1.

Due April 1: Seniors going to a two-year or four-year college in a construction-related field such as HVAC, plumbing, construction management, excavating, etc: Apply for the Home Builders of Central Mo scholarship and return by April 1. Two $1000 scholarships will be given. Mueller has the form.

Due April 1: Seniors planning to go to Merrell University: If you have a 3.54 or above GPA apply for the Merrell University Scholarship. Mueller has the form, or it can be found on their website. Deadline is April 1.

Due April 1: Seniors going to tech school or college majoring in a field related to construction including things like heavy equipment operator, architect, construction management, engineering, etc: Apply for the AGC of Missouri Education Foundation Scholarship for scholarships up to $2000. Must be postmarked by April 1. Mueller has the form, or go to

Due April 1: Seniors: if your employer or parent’s employer is a member of Jefferson City’s West Side Business Association, apply for a $1000 scholarship. Mueller has the form. Deadline is POSTMARKED by April 1.

Due April 2: Seniors: If you or your parents are members of River Region Credit Union, apply for their scholarship. It is due April 2. Doesn’t say the amount, but this is a local! Mueller has forms.

Due April 3:  Seniors majoring in nursing or pre-med: Apply for the JCMG Health Science Scholarship for $1,000.00. Must get back to Mueller by April 3. See Mueller or your locker for forms.

Due April 4: Females going to college, business, or tech school this fall: Apply for the American Business Women’s Assoc Scholarship. Amounts vary. Mueller has the forms. Must be sent by April 4.

Due April 11: Seniors who have participated in at least one sport at Fatima: pick up the Booster Club Scholarship application. Return by Wednesday, April 11.

Due April 20: American Legions Scholarships: All must be mailed by April 20. If you, your parent, grandparent, or great grandparent is a member of or auxillary member of The American Legion or its affiliated organizations, apply fo rthe $750.00 Charles L. Bacon Scholarship. Education Majors: If your parent, grandparent or great grandparent served 90 days active duty and was honorably discharged, apply for the $750.00. If you attended boys or girls state and are descendent of a veteran, apply fo rthe Joseph J. Frank $750.00 scholarship. If you attended boys or girls state or cadet patrol academy and are the descendent of a veteran, apply for the $1,000.00 Lillie Louis Ford Scholarship. If you plan to become an RN and are the descendent of a veteran and are in the top 40% of your class, apply for the $1,000.00 M.D. "Jack" Murphy Scholarship.

Due April 30:  All students: Apply before April 30 for the Arch City Granite scholarship for $1000 at


3.0 or above GPA and going to college: Apply for the Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship for $750.00. Deadline is May 31, 2018. The application can be found at:



Junior Boys: Boys State this year will be held from June 16-23 at UCM in Warrensburg. This free leadership program includes opportunities for scholarships and college credit. For more information or to register, go to

Junior Girls: Girls State will be held from June 24-30 at UCM in Warrensburg. This free leadership program includes opportunities for scholarships and college credit. For more information or to register, go to Applications are not available until November.

Due June 1: Males going to MU: Apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship. Two $500.00 scholarships will be given, one to an ag major and one to any major. Application website: Due June 1.



Sophomores and Juniors: consider participating in the Mizzou MedPrep Medical Exploration Workshop, a 2-week online course and one-day campus visit. Explore careers in healthcare, enhance self-awareness through personal assessments, and connect with people in healthcare. Register at Cost is $60

Columbia College offers 6 summer camps for kids from 3rd grade to seniors. Topics include Summer Art Intensive, Entrepreneurship, Forensic Science, STEAM Student, and Girls who. Go to their website for more information:

Students looking for a Summer Job: Consider applying at Wonderland Camp, a camp for special needs students. The pay is great, but the rewards are tremendous! And they will work around your schedule if you have other summer commitments. Go to for more information.

Students in grades 7-9 who scored at the 95th percentile or higher on last year’s MAP tests: Consider attending the Joseph Baldwin Academy next summer at Truman State University. You will study college-level classes in natural science, social science, fine arts, humanities, or math/computer science. For more information, go to the website at

Due March 31: Sophomores and Juniors interested in a field in Computer Technology: Consider applying for the Computer Professions on Demand program at State Tech, hosted by the JC Area Chamber of Commerce and State Tech in Linn. It will be held June 24-28. See Mueller for the application. Deadline is March 31.

Due April 20: Sophomores and Juniors interested in a career in natural resources: Consider attending the Natural Resources Career Academy at MU from July 8-13 to learn about careers in forestry, nature interpretations, fisheries, environmental science, outdoor recreation, tourism, soil science, atmospheric science and wildlife. Applications are due April 20.  Go to for more information or to apply. I think this one might be FREE!!

The Missouri Farm Bureau has numerous scholarships. Many are for Ag majors, but one is for students majoring in heavy equipment or repairs or other fields at tech schools. Go to

The following websites are filled with information regarding college search and selection, financial aid, and employment. - this website has an interest inventory and a skills inventory to help the students find the career that best suites their personality.  There are also college searches for the entire United States with links to the actual college website.  Quick college comparisons of size, tuition, programs of study, etc. can be completed.  Also, students can keep a log of all the volunteer hours, community service, clubs and organizations, and jobs that they have completed, and then the information will be compiled automatically into an updated resume if needed!  Make sure you check out this sight. - one of the best scholarship search sights.  Students can set up a private mailbox, and as the website is updated, new scholarships that the students qualify for will be emailed to them.  This is an extensive database; it requires about one hour to answer all the questions and set up an initial mailbox and search.  There is also college information on this site. - a scholarship search, financial aid information, and a financial aid calculator can all be found here.  There are also links to searches on careers and colleges.  Students can also register for the SAT here. everything you ever wanted to know about the ACT.  Go here to register for the ACT electronically. - a free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid and warnings about scholarships scams.  There is a link to other databases that students can search for free. - UMKC’s financial aid information, but students do not have to go to UMKC to use the information.  A free scholarship search and access to an electronic FAFSA are available here. - operated by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education with links to many more websites.  great site! - a site that searches for colleges and scholarships.  There is also information about student loans and access to ACT and SAT practice. - tons of information about the college process including ten steps for parents, recommended books and websites, etc. - federal site that deals with the FAFSA and has the electronic applications.  Also has website links to two and four year colleges and universities with links to the individual college web pages. - explains the application process students need to complete if they desire to be eligible for certain athletic programs at the college level. - free test prep for ACT, Sat, and GRE and vocabulary builder. - an Internet version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook by the US Dept of Labor.  Lists all the major jobs in the US, duties, salary, outlook, education needed, etc. - good for all ages planning to attend college.  Financial aid information, application information, preparing for college, etc. - a nationwide database to search for college options for those occupations that require going to career school. - online applications for colleges, college search functions, and scholarship database - college Opportunities On-Line (COOL) with directory of colleges and university with costs - complete the free FAFSA online information about funding your educations - college, career and financial aid information - education and career information - The Nationals Assoc for Student Financial Aid Administrators website for parents & students preparing for college - college prep information for students - info on college prep and applying for financial aid. 

Can't afford college: Work at McDonald's for 3 months and let the company pay for your college! They have partnered with Colorado Technial University, which is ranked among the best in 2017 in the US News and World Reports ranking system. Many people will get to go for FREE! Five week classes, so students work together, master that area, and move on. Eight start times throughout the year. Degrees in business, engineering, nursing, project management, criminal justice, computers, etc. This is an AMAZING opportunity! Mueller has some fliers, or go to for more information.