What is School-Wide Positive Behavior Support?

       Our goal is to help each child develop self-discipline.  Together the home and school share the responsibility of developing good citizens.  Parents, teachers, and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment.  The SW-PBS program is based upon our philosophy of recognizing positive contributions of students.

      Incorporating SW-PBS means that teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff are going to take responsibility to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students.

      SW-PBS means that students will know exactly what is expected of them.  Students who take responsibility to behave positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways.  Students will also know exactly what consequences will result when they choose not to meet the school-wide expectations. 




Star Students for 2017-2018 Quarter 4


Sitting: : Quinn, Bentley, Bentley, Ben,


Back Row: Dustin, Spencer, Cheyenne, Cosmo the Comet, Brady,

Golden Broom Award for  Quarter 4

Mrs. Vanderfeltz's Kindergarten Class


Star Students for 2017-2018  Quarter 3

Sitting: Trinity, Bentley, Anera, Raigyn, Chloe

Standing: Cianna, Ben, Azlyn, Carly, Lyssa, Makenzie

Back Row: Ava, Libby, Kinzey, Cosmo the Comet, Lily, Henry, Skyla

Mrs. Keller's Kids

These students were in the top 3% of their classes for Quarter 3 for good behavior.

Golden Broom Award for Quarter 3

Mrs. Huot's First Grade Class

Star Students for 2017-2018 Quarter 2

Kneeling: Austin, AnnMarie, Marli, Eli, Madeline, Tucker

2nd Row: Paul, Hailey, Tanner, Isabella, Heidi, Kaedyn

Back Row: Hope, Cody, Cosmo the Comet, Isabelle, Gabe, Jonathan

Golden Broom Award for Quarter 2

Mrs. Struemph's 2nd Grade Class


Star Students for 2017-2018 Quarter 1

Sitting: Kinlee, Addyson, Landon

Standing: Tristin, Quin, Faith, Josie, Bailey, Comeron

2nd Row: Tucker, Alivia, Bella, Megan

Back Row: Couper, Kila, Cosmo the Comet, Faith Jeana

Golden Broom Award for Quarter 1

Mrs. Lehmen's Fourth Grade Class