Fatima and Nichols will NOT be in session Monday. Fatima is NOT in session Fri, Feb 16 (Nichols students will attend Nichols classes). Fatima and Nichols will not be in session Mon, Feb 19 - this is a snow make-up day for Fatima so there is a chance Fatima could be in session. Please see Fatima's schedule of snow make-up days listed below. Nichols calendar can be viewed at www.jcschools.us

District Administration

Name Title Extension Website E-Mail
Chuck Woody Superintendent 101 woodyc@fatimacomets.org
Tim Luebbering Human Resources Manager 102   luebberingt@fatimacomets.org
Carol Krieg Accounts Payable/Receivable 103   kriegc@fatimacomets.org
Patty Schnieders Secretary 104   schniedersp@fatimacomets.org

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